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Recipient: Ehud Viner



Number of years teaching: 25

School: Nevi’im at Toronto Heschel School

Grades: 5-6

Subject: Hebrew

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Four years ago, Ehud and his wife moved to Toronto after many years of teaching and serving as a principal in Israel. He wondered how he would start over in Toronto. His love for teaching drew him to the classroom. He expresses love for teaching at Toronto Heschel. He loves his students and finds that they return love to him. He says that he is not higher than his students, but they are equally important with different roles. The students help him make his decisions about what to teach and how to teach it. He wants them to like the subject so he always trying new and fresh ideas to enhance the learning experience. He teaches until they all understand so nobody is disappointed.

Ehud said that teaching makes him have a big smile every day!!

Tammy’s daughter is in Mr. Viner’s class. She wrote:

Mr. Viner is truly a gifted teacher, a beautiful example of what other teachers should aspire to. He has the unique ability to connect with each child, no matter how strong or weak a student, and ensure that each child reaches his/her potential, both academically and socially. He educates the ‘whole’ person, always remembering a happy, confident child will reach new limits.

Knowing that my daughter is the only one without Hebrew speaking parents, Mr. Viner took the time the evening before her oral presentation to phone her and give her the opportunity to ask questions. It was so important to him that she feel as secure as everyone else in the class.

People often talk about the “one teacher” that changed their lives. The positive influence Ehud has had on my daughter and by extension, her family, will resonate with us for years to come.