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Recipient: Rochel Leah Shur



Number of years teaching: 18

School: Bais Chaya Mushka

Grades: 1

Subject: Judaic Studies

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Rochel Leah feels that teaching Judaic studies is a holy privilege as it gives students their foundation, life, principals, values and it stays with them throughout their lifetime. She loves introducing her students to the Torah for the first time. In grade one they begin to read and learn from it. Her inspiration is seeing them get excited about the language, words, individual letters and how they build daily on what they have learned.

Rochel Leah knows that children are the most precious to God. She loves them, pays special attention to their needs, successes and interests and she speaks many positive words into their lives. Together with her students, they learn to care for one another, accept mistakes and apologize, build community and show kindness and compassion.

Nechama’s daughter is in Mrs. Shur’s class. She wrote:

Mrs. Shur is a superb teacher. With tenderness and compassion, she pays close attention to each of her young charges educational, physical and emotional needs. Nothing passes by her professional scrutiny. Once she identifies an issue that needs to be resolved she’ll stop at nothing to see it settled to the teacher and students satisfaction.

Our six year old daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and has gone through much in her young life. Before the start of the new school year, I sat down with Mrs. Shur to talk to her about our daughter. She listened attentively and readily agreed to administer her enzymes at snack, though it would take up at least 1/3rd of her daily short recess break.

Mrs. Shur has taught 4 of my daughters and it always amazed me at how well she introduces Chumash to her first graders. She doesn’t start until she believes the class is reading Hebrew well enough. Then with fanfare and pomp she ushers in the magnificent moment with a grand Chumash party. She then builds up their skills slowly and methodically using many of her vast methods at her disposal. Her ultimate goal is for the girls to be able to translate as many words or parts of the word of their own. She’s always successful.

Thank you Mrs. Shur for making a difference in our daughter’s life. It warms and soothes our minds and hearts to know that a special teacher is looking after our special child.