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Recipient: Rabbi Korf



Number of years teaching: 12

School: Cheder Chabad

Grades: 4

Subject: Hebrew Studies

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Largely due to the influence of Lubavitcher, Rabbi Korf grew up motivated to do as much as he could to help people. His father is a living example of someone always trying to help people.

Rabbi Korf does not see teaching as an 8:30 to 4:00 job. He is passionate about his students and wants them to know that they are worth the time and energy put into his lessons. He is a life long learner and brings what he learns into the classroom. He strives to make all children feel accepted by making individual connections with them, by getting to know them, supporting them and being in touch with their parents.

He loves to see the enthusiasm his students bring to the classroom. A great day is when he knows that the students are giving their best, listening, engaging in conversation and leaving school happy.

Parents of a student in nominated Rabbi Korf. Mordecai and Nechama wrote:

We are especially eager to nominate Rabbi Korf because of his ability to move beyond “just” imparting knowledge. Rather, he actively seeks to address the whole child and his unique needs.

The excitement Rabbi Korf generates in his class is contagious. Our son has on more than one occasion remarked that he “can’t believe learning could be that fun!”

The calibre of work that Rabbi Korf expects from his students is high and therefore he is constantly implementing programs that keep the motivation for learning strong in his students. We can only imagine the amount of time and energy that go into devising these programs.

The ‘mailbox’ program is a classic example of how Rabbi Korf strives to connect with his students on a personal level. It gives each student an opportunity to write letters about anything that he may be too timid to discuss face to face. We were so touched when our son came home with a beautiful letter from his teacher filled with words of praise for his accomplishments.

We feel so fortunate that our son was able to experience such an exemplary teacher this year.