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Recipient: Rabbi Blaustein



Number of years teaching: 27

School: Yeshivas Eitz Chaim

Grades: 3

Subject: Hebrew

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

When asked about what he loves about teaching, he said, “I enjoy polishing diamonds!” Rabbi Blaustein loves helping children realize and fulfill their potential. This involves getting to know them, earning their trust and friendship and building lasting relationships. A proud moment was when he was asked recently to say the wedding blessing for a person who was once his grade 3 student.

Rabbi Blaustein derives tremendous pleasure out of making children proud to be a Jew. He enjoys leading them in the study of the Torah and celebrating “mitzvas” them. A great day is when students follow him out of the class with questions about the subject they have been studying.

Rabbi Blaustein is a story-teller and uses stories in his classroom to help students identify with the characters and to bring what he is teaching to life. He sees story telling as the ability to speak from one heart to another.

Parents Ira and Miriam wrote this about Rabbi Blaustein:

Rabbi Blaustein, in the words of the school principal, “reaches every single kid every single day.” His outgoing, larger than life personality, his storytelling abilities, his sense of humour, his warmth, his energy, and most importantly, his love—for teaching, for his students and for Torah, are evident to all those who have had the privilege to see him in action.

Our nine-year-old son has been lucky enough to be in Rabbi Blaustein’s class. The two have forged a great connection and Rabbi Blaustein has allowed our inquisitive, perceptive and high-energy son to shine. He encourages our son, as well as all students, to think for himself, to ask questions, and to challenge assumptions. Each boy is treated with respect and patience, so that each boy feels that he is truly special and that his opinions and viewpoints are worthwhile. Teaching by example, Rabbi Blaustein encourages the boys to develop their Middos, and to strive to be true Ben Torahs. We have watched our son Ari as he has matured and developed throughout the year, under the influence of the beloved “Reb B”.