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Recipient: Jordan Sable



Number of years teaching: 6

School: CHAT - Downsview Campus

Grades: 10-12

Subject: History

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

When asked what inspires him in his teaching, Jordan replied, “I really enjoy the kids. I feel like teaching at CHAT means teaching amazing kids. They get charged out of learning. They are in a formative time intellectually and they really light up when they “get it”.

Jordan sees his students as partners. He enjoys entering into conversations with them and sees his role as asking the ‘right’ questions to get them thinking. He loves when their eyes go wide, the wheels start spinning and then they make a connection with the subject.

Jordan emphasizes that it is really about the kids. He enjoys what he does and it really doesn’t seem like work.

Jordan’s nomination came from one of his students. Michelle wrote:

Jordan Sable is truly one of the most inspiring, engaging people I have ever met. From the moment I stepped into his American History classroom, my view of history has changed from a distant and uninteresting subject to a living and breathing topic in my life.

His ability to always retain total calmness while sneaking in the occasional hilarious joke makes his classroom the highlight of my day. It is for this reason that every student he teaches respects him to the highest degree. In Jordan Sable’s class, no comment is silly, no one’s opinion is unheard, and no one feels intimidated.

No one wants to disappoint Mr. Sable, and yet they never will, because he is behind each and every one of us 100%. Whether it means organizing a Sunday meeting at Starbucks to prepare for the exam, or an after school session to teach us to write a proper historiographical paper, his sole priority is seeing us thrive.

I am proud to say that I would not be the driven, hard working student with a love of learning, and specifically history, if it were not for Jordan Sable. I don’t know what I will do next year without being able to drop by “A209” to see my favourite teacher, but I know that no matter where I am, his words of encouragement will always be with me.