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Recipient: Nadia Moldaver



Number of years teaching: 6

School: Bialik

Grades: 3, 5

Subject: General Studies

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Nadia says that her motivation to teach is definitely the child. She sees the child as the future. They are so fresh, so green. They have so many dreams and they need to learn to achieve those dreams. She sees her role as teaching them tools for life…how to problem solve, live day to day and be better people.

Nadia seeks to know each student individually by fostering an open relationship, having 1:1 time to give and get feedback and let the child know she is available.

Nadia loves to see a happy child; one who is not afraid to take risks and make mistakes.

Nadia’s nomination came from one of her students. Samuel wrote:

I am sending a nomination for Mrs. Moldaver because she is, no doubt, the greatest teacher on earth.

Mrs. Moldaver likes to give everyone nicknames because she knows it makes people laugh and feel special. In return, we decided to call her Mrs. “Marvelous” Moldaver, and the name stuck.

Mrs. Moldaver is empathetic, sympathetic, humorous, smart, kind, polite, patient, calm, trustworthy, diligent, enthusiastic, supportive, optimistic, caring and much more.

In grade 5, I participated in a national Bible Contest. I was really troubled and distracted for the two weeks before the contest. Mrs. Moldaver could tell and even though it wasn’t her job to help me with the contest, she asked me what was wrong and I told her. She told me not to worry and just to try my hardest and have fun (plus a bunch of other stuff). After that I was fine and confident for the upcoming contest.

From grades 1 to 4, one of the least liked events was the weekly spelling test. Not that they were hard, but they were extremely unlikable and boring….NOT IN GRADE 5. Mrs. Moldaver came up with the wackiest sentences using the words and we all broke out laughing.

My viewpoint that Mrs. Moldaver is the most stupendous teacher in the entire universe is absolutely supported. If every teacher on the earth was as incredible as Mrs. Moldaver, the world would definitely be a better place and everyone would be 85% smarter.