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Recipient: David Martosh



Number of years teaching: 12

School: Leo Baeck

Grades: 4, 5

Subject: Math, Science and Social Studies

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

David is passionate about teaching and noted that he was influenced by a number of passionate teachers. He tries to model after his elementary French teacher who was complimentary, firm, strict and caring. He was an amazing man who listened to his students and went the extra mile for them. This teacher instilled in David the love of education and is the reason he wanted to teach.

Seeing his students succeed motivates David to keep encouraging and challenging them enough to raise them to their potential. He lives for the statement, ďThank you for teaching me. I can do it because of you!Ē

David said that this honour is also honouring his late father, Andrew Martosh, who was one of the few people who celebrated his decision to become a teacher. ďMy father recognized that it might be an underpaid and under-recognized profession but it was my dream.Ē Today David loves what he does!

Davidís nomination came from his student Brennan and Brennanís mother. Brennan wrote:

I am nominating David because he inspires my class and me to learn and to do our best. He also gives us respect, so we respect him back. His rules are very clear, and because of that we follow them well. Now that I have him as my teacher, when I grow up I want to work in the field of math. David has a great sense of humour and we all love him as a teacher. He also spends his break time with us. For example, if we are having trouble with ANYTHING, he will help us.

I canít wait for Davidís class every single day because it is the greatest. Though it goes faster than any time waster ever made, we never want to leave his class because every day he has a better trick up his sleeve to perform to us. This teacher is never going to leave my mind, in times of pain and in times of happiness. He will be with me when I am old and in my normal life now. He always gives us warm feeling and I personally donít think that there is a better teacher around.