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Recipient: Dr. Jack Lipinsky



Number of years teaching: 19

School: USDS

Grades: 6-8

Subject: Canadian History and Geography, and Jewish Studies

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Dr. Lipinsky is motivated to help his students to realize their full potential. He teaches them to make themselves aware of who they are and what they can be. His goal in teaching is to teach them how to become their best, to teach them tools to know themselves and evaluate themselves. He also says that he strives to make connection between subjects and their world, so they can connect the subject with their lives.

As a teacher, he wants his students to learn “the limits of the possible.” He himself is a seeker, a quester, always trying to self-perfect, always taking a realistic look at himself. As he models this to his students, he trusts that they will learn their best and do their best.

Dr. Lipinsky’s nomination came from the mother of one of his students. Bella wrote:

From Day 1, Sandra has returned from school every day, telling us about how much she and every single one of her classmates enjoys Dr. L’s classes. Dr. L. seems to have this way of relating to youngsters that is simply unbelievable!

Dr. L. apparently treats each student with absolute equality, respect and dignity. By seeing the goodness and potential in every child, not only does Dr. L. inspire and challenge the “difficult” student, but he is truly inspiring and admired by the others as well.

Sandra comes home practically every day that she has had a class with Dr. L. and shares with us something she learned from Dr. L. It’s usually something very insightful and frankly, we find the exercise fun and interesting as well. It’s become a bit of a joke with us—when Sandra starts talking at dinnertime our 13 year old son rolls his eyes and says “what did Dr. L. teach today?”

From our vantage point it seems Dr. L. is able to motivate each and every student to achieve their best. He is a man of integrity and demonstrates consistency in the things he says and does. I cannot emphasize enough how he sees the potential in each and every child and treats each with the utmost of respect.