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Recipient: Nechama Chemel



Number of years teaching: 2

School: Binos Chaya Mushka    

Grades: 6

Subject: General Studies

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

When Nechama was a student she was able to identify what she liked in her teachers and therefore knows what she wants to be as a teacher. She seeks to show that she cares, to pay personal attention and take interest in all her students. She strives to create a learning environment that is fun, hands on and interesting. She enjoys impacting lives directly and loves to look back at September and see how far each student has come.

Nechama is motivated to be the best at what she does and finds teaching rewarding and very enjoyable.

Nechama’s nomination came from a parent. Mrs. Korf wrote:

When the school sent home the nomination forms for the award, I put it to my kids, “what did they think?” Mushkale thought long and hard—“Mrs. Chemel.” she finally said. I was abit taken aback. Mrs. Chemel is an EXTRAORDINARY teacher but Mushka needed to be sent out of the classroom a number of times for cooling periods. I asked her “why?” to which she responded, “Mrs. Chemel believes in me, she knows I could do it despite all.” For a CHILD to come to the realization on her own, that notwithstanding her personal issues, her teacher is an exceptional one and cares for her, despite all, speaks volumes about what type of teacher Mrs. Chemel is. Mrs. Chemel has been working tirelessly with Mushka throughout the year, to not only bring out the best in her but also to teach her the behavioural and social skills that she’ll need beyond the 6th grade classroom. Mrs. Chemel doesn’t just look at the here and now, but into the future as well.

Mrs. Chemel, a creative and dedicated teacher has come up with ingenious ways to keep her students busy in healthy and constructive ways in and out of the classroom. Her goals have always been not only to increase her students all-round knowledge but also to assist them in translating their knowledge into action.

Mrs. Chemel, thank you for making a difference not only in Mushkale and all of her classmates, but to our entire family as well.