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Recipient: Noa Schwartz



Number of years teaching: 9

School: USDS Bathurst    

Grades: 6 and 7

Subject: Language Arts and Social Studies and she runs student council

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

When asked what motivates her as a teacher, Noa quickly responded, “My students!” She thoroughly enjoys her relationship with them and sees it as very reciprocal; “when they’re inspired, I am inspired and vice versa.”

Noa believes that the relationship between her and her students is best when it is binding and long term . Students need to feel the chemistry in the relationship and know the she is really interested in them as whole people. Sometimes it takes time to find a connection with a student, but there is always one to be found.

Noa is a published author who loves to learn and write about ways of teaching children new things. She works hard to create conduits of understanding.

Noa is grateful to her nominator who has been her mentor and friend. Elaine wrote:

Noa is an excellent teacher because she is attuned to the intellectual, emotional and interpersonal needs of her students. They look forward to learning with her because she values their ideas and stretches their abilities. Students enter her class smiling and concentrate on learning with her with wide eyes and open minds. She, herself, is an enthusiastic learner and she “sells” this attitude to her students. As student council advisor she trains students to be leaders within the school, each according to his/her interests. She encourages children to find personal fulfillment in leadership roles and models how one should work with and for others.

As a colleague Noa is both and leader and a team member. She willingly shares ideas and assists new teachers on staff. Noa provides a learning environment that is both vibrant and expansive.