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Recipient: Marsha Razin



Number of years teaching: 40 years

School: Ulpanet Orot High School    

Grades: 11 and 12

Subject: Social Sciences (economics, Canadian law, Intro to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology)

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Marsha loves sharing her days with young people, providing them with opportunities to explore truth. For her it is sheer joy to watch a child unfold…to see that child learn and grow with her inquiring mind.

She believes that teaching is a sacred calling in life. It is a great privilege to spend her days with students. Marsha also sees teaching as a big responsibility because she knows that often the way people feel about themselves and the way they address the world comes out of their experiences at school.

Marsha’s letter of nomination is from a student whom she has inspired. Yael wrote:

Mrs. Razin has inspired me in ways that I have never been inspired before. She is quite possibly the smartest woman I know and therefore acts as a strong, intellectual, female role model. Mrs. Razin pushes me hard to achieve my goals and supports me in my future quest of becoming a lawyer. She has made a huge impact on my life and has very special relationships with all her students.

Mrs. Razin makes herself available to her students whether at home or school. She is as dedicated to her students as any parent is to their child. She is a veteran at Ulpana, and all her students, even those who are not, look up to her with admiration and amazement. She has definitely been a pillar to me.

Speaking purely from my own experiences, Tobie’s assessment methodology and tools have changed my teaching practice.  I know that I am a more effective teacher, thanks to her.  Tobie seems to be in her prime of professional development.  She is the model lifelong learner.  She is a teacher of excellence we all should aspire to be in a unique Jewish environment.