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Recipient: Rabbi Shmuel Rabi



Number of years teaching: over 20 years

School: Yeshivat Or Chaim     

Grades: 9 and 10

Subject: Talmud

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Seeing his students get excited about what they are learning and watching them develop into learners motivates Rabbi Rabi to teach with excellence. He loves the challenge of being able to dissect the Talmud with them in every possible manner.

Rabbi Rabi said “students are part of my life.” He believes that in order for students to be successful that there needs to be a relationship between the teacher and the student. The teacher needs to be a partner with them in the learning process. This belief motivates Rabbi Rabi to intentionally work towards creating lifelong connections with “his boys”. He views every student like a son in his extended family and creates 1:1 times with each student. As we spoke to Rabbi Rabi, he often returned to the times of playing soccer with his students, the times of having them to his home and the parties they build together as the reason that he is “deeply satisfied in his job”.

Yoni and Yossi, students of Rabbi Rabi wrote this of him:

Rabbi Rabi makes every student feel special. He has built a close relationship with all his students. He often mentions how the relationship between him and his students isn’t just a teacher/student relationship, but more of a familial one. He says that wherever the student goes, he goes. Whether it was cheering on the basketball team, or chaperoning a trip, he has always been there.

He incorporates many relevant stories and jokes into his lessons in order not only to teach the material, but to instill it and many valuable lessons of life in his students. His lessons are clear, intellectually challenging and marked by his own personal insights and his dry, British humour. He motivates us to achieve higher levels and dedication to learning the Torah. There is always a sense of excitement in his class. He really cares about each and every student individually and lets us express ourselves. His methods of teaching and the obvious love for the Torah that he imparts to us, his students, are truly inspiring.