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Recipient: Peter Komlos



Number of years teaching: 37 years—33 of these years were spent in the York Board

School: Associated Hebrew School, Middle School Division

Grades: 6, 7 and 8

Subject: Math and Science

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Above the door to Peter’s classroom is a sign that reads “My Brain is Open”. This quote from Paul Erdos helps define what Peter loves about teaching. He loves when he sees the spark in his students’ eyes when they learn something new. It is rewarding for him to see the students’ excitement of discovery and understanding of new concepts…to watch them love to learn.

Peter distinguishes between a math teacher and a teacher of mathematics. As a teacher of mathematics he strives to do as Stan Bezuska described in his philosophy of math education: “Make the children learn to like math and they will love to learn math.” Peter himself is a lifelong learner and is grateful to the amazing teachers he has had throughout his life. He believes that teaching is the most beautiful profession and he is blessed to be able to do what he loves.

Noah, one of Peter’s students wrote these words:

Mr. Komlos motivates me to achieve my best and keeps me constantly thinking, saying and doing what is right. I used to be reluctant to do math, but Mr. Komlos has made it fun and exciting. He has also taught me how to apply math in everyday things. Did you know that the Fibonacci Sequence can relate to cauliflower?? Mr. Komlos also teaches us respect through relating stories of himself and his student’s former experiences. He has fun, interactive and educational lessons. If we make a mistake he makes us feel that it is okay. Mr. Komlos has a fabulous sense of humour and can have everyone in the class hanging on his every word.