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Recipient: Ora Senior



Number of years teaching: over 25 years

School: USDS Bathurst Campus               

Grades: grades 1 and 2

Subject: Hebrew –reading, writing, speaking and grammar.

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

The children are Ora’s motivation to teach with excellence.  She loves them and she desires to reach every one of them.  She does this by giving each of them as individuals her attention.  Her reward is when her students come back to visit her and share with her that they are involved in the synagogue or that they are going to Israel to study or that they have chosen to become teachers.  She loves teaching her students Hebrew, how to pray and to love Israel and Jewish people.


Jennifer and Ora were nominated as a team.  They teach grade one together and obviously do this with excellence.  Their nomination comes from the mother of one of their students.  She wrote this:

Jennifer and Ora have demonstrated incredible commitment to the sacred task of educating my son.  They teach with energy, enthusiasm, creativity and love, in order to stimulate his mind, while at the same time nurturing his soul. When doing seatwork, they focus on effort and attitude more than actual results because they know how devastating it would be to have best effort deemed to be inadequate.  At the same time, they expect students to do the best work they are capable of. 

They teach respect and courtesy by example, never comparing one child to another.  They understand the incredible value of positive reinforcement.   They have reinforced the values and beliefs that we as parents try to instill and that are fundamental to Judiasm. 

My son recently had his Siddur ceremony.  As I listened to him recite the prayers, and saw his face bursting with pride, I was overwhelmed.  And then I looked at his teachers and saw the tears in their eyes, and I knew that this wasn’t just a job to them, it was truly a labour of love.