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Recipient: Sharyn Mandel



Number of years teaching: 38

School: United Synagogue Day School—Beth Tikvah

Grades: Senior kindergarten

Subject: kindergarten! 

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Sharyn believes in the whole child and therefore sees it as necessary for the teacher to “carry school” into every avenue of the child’s life such as nutrition, dressing, emotions and family.  As a teacher of the early years she is a teacher, nurse, mommy, partner with the students’ parents and a friend. Being involved in a student’s life on many levels allows students to learn with confidence and comfort.

Sharyn decided to teach when she was a child.  She says that she has never looked back and fully loves her involvement in her students’ lives and education.

The parents of one of her students nominated Sharyn.  Their letter clearly demonstrates that Sharyn does indeed teach the whole child.

“Sharyn, always smiling and thriving on making children feel special, was an enormous influence on our daughter.  Our daughter was having a wonderful year when she suddenly took ill.  She was admitted to the hospital for several months.  Sharyn gathered some work and class activities to bring to her that would get her mind off being sick.  She would come by on the weekends to visit and read to her, colour with her, sing to her and just “take her to another place”.  Before Sharyn went away for a week she visited our daughter with seven envelopes so she could open one envelope a day with special surprises inside.

Four months later she got her strength back and returned to school.  We believe that part of her recovery had to do with medicine, love, family and this wonderful teacher, Sharyn Mandel. We were honoured to have her as our child’s teacher.