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Recipient: Michelle Glassman



Number of years teaching: 18

School: USDS Bathurst Campus               

Grades: Senior Kindergarten—full day

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Michelle teaches because it is something that she loves to do.  Her students’ hugs, smiles and wonder of learning inspire her and cause her to give them her best.  She has taught kindergarten her whole career  because she says that in these years the children are like sponges.  They take all they are taught and modeled to heart.  Their faces show their love of learning and they get fully involved in the process of learning. 

Michelle claims that she was not a good student and her heart’s desire is to teach and love her students so that they do not face the struggles that she did.  She says, “If I could only change one student’s life, I would be happy.”


Yonah and Michelle were nominated as a team.  They have taught together for 4 years.  They work as a team.  They are in the classroom together for the full day and share the responsibilities of lesson planning, activities and teaching.

Their letter of nomination came from the parents of a child in their class.  The parents wrote:

Yonah and Michelle’s teaching abilities are unbelievable.  They are kind, sensitive, loving, supportive, and very creative teachers.  They make learning fun and interesting for the children.  Our son looks forward to going to school every morning and comes home every day with a smile on his face, telling us all the details of the day.  They encourage the children to achieve their potential and make learning fun.  These two women have gone beyond the call of duty in caring for our son.  When I apologize for the extra responsibility placed on them they continue to tell me that they love our son like he was their own.  This allows him to maintain his self-esteem and transition easily into the school environment.

Michelle and Yonah are an incredible team.  They truly complement each other and we love them both the same. We cannot say enough good things about them.