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Recipient: Robin Berglas


Number of years teaching: completing her first year

School: Eitz Chaim Spring Farm Branch

Grades: Grade 5 girls    

Subject: all Judaic studies

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Robin agrees with the findings that the emotional part of the brain is connected to the cognitive part and this influences the way she teaches. Her number one goal is to make her students happy, not intimidated and comfortable in order for them to learn better, and she says, they do!  Robin describes the importance of becoming “one” with her students, as being part of the team so that when success is reached they say together “we did it!”  Robin believes that 80% of what you retain is learned by doing, so she involves her students in many hands on activities.

She strives to create warmth and closeness with her students.  She loves them unconditionally and they know it.

A parent of one of Robin’s students wrote this of her:

Robin teaches through art, logic, drama and music.  She encourages the girls to be both studious and creative.  Robin is a ray of sunshine.  She views her students as a pleasure and interacts with them in the most positive way.  She makes each and every one of them feel special and does it in the framework of the Torah.  She is an unbelievable role model. 

One day, my daughter had a test.  She did not know exactly what to do so she called Robin at home.  She spent 45 minutes reviewing the test with her.  When my daughter did well on the test, Robin called the house to excitedly report the good news.