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Recipient: Andrea Bellman



Number of years teaching: 11

School: Zareinu Educational Centre

Grades and Subject: General Studies for Special Education students between the ages of 10 and 14

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Andrea’s goal as a teacher is to help students develop to their potential and to provide them with every possible opportunity for growth and learning.  She is inspired when she sees her students change overtime…to see where they once were and where they are now.

Andrea herself is a mother of a special needs learner.  Her involvement at Zareinu began with volunteering in hopes of giving back to the school and community.  This led to her to her position as teacher.  Andrea describes teaching special education as a job where you have to give completely of yourself.  You need to be willing to take risks, teach a lesson on the spot and always be creative.  She loves the special education population and the surprises awaiting her every day.  Zareinu offers her a team teaching experience where they all work together for the good of the student.

The mother of one of Andrea’s students wrote this of her:

Andrea is part of a small school that performs large miracles every day.   Andrea must design a curriculum that addresses the strengths and needs for students with a variety of disabilities.  Andrea designs and compiles most of the curriculum material.  She must oversee and act as the primary coordinator for a staff team that includes therapists, volunteers and assistant teachers. 

This year our son has enjoyed an exciting curriculum.  He works on the computer and has reached long awaited milestones like tying his shoes.  He feels a sense of accomplishment and is nurtured and challenged daily. Every one of our son’s accomplishments is thanks to Andrea for opening the door for him and showing him the way, even in skills that other children take for granted.