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Recipient: Elaine Steiner



Number of years teaching: 27

School: United Synagogue Day School

Grades and Subject: Remedial resource for grades 6,7,8

Family: married, one son who is studying at Carlton

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

When Elaine looked at the criteria on the award’s website she was pleased that the values being looked for are values that every teacher should have and indeed do have.  The award therefore is really honouring teachers in general as anybody who loves teaching should be living out the values of excellence, respect, integrity and innovation. She is glad the award isn’t just for stellar teachers.

Elaine feels that teaching is her calling.  She is inspired when students say “OH, I get it” and “Can I talk to you?”  She too continues to learn to be a better teacher and looks for opportunities where she herself is saying, “OH, I get it!”

Elaine’s letter of nomination came from a colleague.  Mr. Spindel wrote:

Elaine is the consummate teacher who inspires not only her students but her colleagues as well…Mrs. Steiner doesn’t accept “I can’t do it”.  She believes in the adage “The difference between what is possible and what is impossible is a person’s determination.”  She infuses her students with the determination to succeed to the extent that they start to believe that they can, in fact, succeed.  …Students flock to Elaine’s  “After school homework club”…Elaine Steiner is a master teacher who is a role model for all of us to emulate.