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Recipient: Joseph Schacter



Number of years teaching: 17 years

School: Eitz Chaim

Grades: primary-junior grades

Subject: primary-junior curriculum

Family: married with 3 children ranging from 8 to 15

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

He feels that he has the ability to relate to all students on their individual levels.  He loves teaching and has taken time to get his Masters of Education.  He enjoys creating interesting and challenging lessons that will remain in the student’s mind.

Joseph says of this award: “This award is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my teaching career.”

Joseph’s nomination came from a family whose children have all attended Eitz Chaim.  This year their youngest is being taught by Joseph.

The Zobin family wrote: If we were to summarize Mr. Schacter’s teaching approach it would be “Teaching through life experiences”.  It may sound farfetched for Grade 3 but the examples given will illustrate the point. In 4 short months he has been able to cover the basic subjects and have excellent discipline as well as:

·        Following September 11th, the students wrote letters to firemen and shared them with the staff of a local fire hall,

·        he introduced students to the Braille alphabet, he had the students interview their parents and grandparents on the effect of Holocaust,

·        he read about the Witwell project, in which students form the Witwell school in Tennessee decided to collect 6 million paper clips to commemorate 6 million Jews killed by Nazis—his class contributed over 1000 paper clips…