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Recipient: Marlee Pinsker



Number of years teaching: 30

School: Toronto Heschel School

Grades: kindergarten—started out teaching adults then elementary and know Kindergarten

Subject: kindergarten!  Jewish and English studies

Family: married with 3 daughters

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Marlee said “My family taught me about community and how wonderful it can be in my life.  Heschel is a total community…I teach there and learn there and am constantly inspired.  I give and I receive—this atmosphere and community motivates me.”

Marlee was nominated by a parent of one of her past students.  Sara Wolch-Zuckerbrot wrote:

…Part of Marlee’s secret may be that she has a well-developed sense of irony and wonderful sense of humour.  She is openly warm, fun, playful and very supportive emotionally as well as intellectually.  As the year progressed, my son often brought her ideas and interests that were not on the curriculum.  She made sure he did his “real work” and then encouraged and stimulated him privately, or if relevant, shared his passions with the rest of the class. … She is a rare and special person, indeed.  Every child who meets her recognizes this. And benefits from it.  She filled our son’s life with awe and wonder—the true joy of learning.  What greater gift can a teacher give to a child?