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Recipient: Veronica Levy



Number of years teaching: 7th year of full-time teaching

School: Bais Yaakov Junior High School

Grades: junior high

Subject: history and geography

Family: Married with 3 children—presently on maternity leave with four month old daughter

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Veronica believes in the statement that you cannot teach a subject, you have to teach a student.  The material is just a vehicle to make students into lifelong learners.  She has a deep concern for each of her students and desires to influence their lives positively.

She is also motivated by the school where she teaches.  The school supports the teachers and let’s the teachers express their creativity—this makes all the difference in being able to be a teacher of excellence.

Veronica was nominated by her principal, Mrs. Drebin.  She wrote:

Veronica is always upbeat, happy, positive, considerate and kind.  Her inner contentment, true self-confidence, and overwhelming enthusiasm for life create a wonderful atmosphere in the classroom. … In spite of the fact that Veronica teaches 120 students, she makes a true connection with each one by loving them first and then by working with them as individuals.  Every student feels like an “only student” and is certain that she is Mrs. Levy’s favourite”.  It is clear that Veronica has invested full mind and heart into discovering the key that unlocks the heart and mind of each student…It is refreshing to be in the presence of an individual who is perfectly consistent in thought, speech and action.