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Recipient: Sara Freedman



Number of years teaching: 25, with several years off to raise her twins

School: The Toronto Heschel School, Beth David Campus

Grades: 3 and 4

Subject: French

Family: Married with 13 year old twins

Inspiration/Motivation for being a Teacher of Excellence:

Sara loves to see her students smile.  She is motivated by the fact that she has the opportunity to change a “sad” student into a happier child through teaching.  She has a strong desire to motivate and encourage her students.  It has been difficult to hear stories of teachers who are harsh with students, because of this Sara teaches her students in the same way she wants her own children to be taught—with kindness, encouragement, praise and laughter.

Sara loves to laugh with her students.  The way she makes them behave is to threaten them that if they don’t settle down she will either sing to them, tell them another story from her past or make them eat her home cooking!  She says they usually are wonderfully behaved students.

Sara’s letter of nomination came from one of her past students who is now in grade 6.  Noah Tomlin wrote:

“Morah Sarah showed us respect by equally valuing all her students, even the class clown/troublemakers.  She showed me personal respect by trying to help me “fit in”.  She always joined me in my conversations and learned from me, for example computer programming.  Because of her innovation, she has given me the gift of encouragement, friendship but most of all loving French…She is truly the kindest person I ever knew and the best moreh/morah I ever had.”